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Watercolor Butterfly 19
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Detail from The Sun, Radiant Rider-Waite

People have long sought to explain what is mysterious, obscured, or ambiguous in the natural world. Laying out cards in a particular spread, and interpreting them, allows us to develop narratives from symbols and patterns. These stories are not an attempt at fortune-telling, but link the past and the present through metaphor, as well as advising of the possible outcomes from a particular course of action.

The story a card reading tells can encourage introspection, help us make connections between dreams and memories, and allow us to try out possible outcomes in our imagination to see how well they fit. Each card has multiple meanings, some known to the reader and some revealed only to the person inquiring, and even then, not always consciously.

The Tarot can also be used as a therapeutic tool, as its many symbols and metaphors have relevance to the life of the person consulting the cards. 


The card deck used in my readings is: The Radiant Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. 

If you are curious about learning to read Tarot cards yourself, but feel daunted or don't know where to start, I am creating a series called A Walk With... the Major Arcana to help you easily learn the various meanings of the cards.  also touch on how the Tarot can help with healing. Find out more...

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