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Symbolon Cards

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The word Symbolon refers to something that has been split into two pieces and separated. Originally this referred to a clay ring that was broken by the host with half given to a guest. The guest then took that half  when they left and passed it on to a friend. That friend could then seek hospitality with the host, and when the pieces fit together it was a sign of trust and legitimacy.


The beautiful Symbolon cards [Peter Orban, Ingrid Zinnel, Thea Weller] depict historical scenes from European daily life as well as stories from mythology.

In my experience, Symbolon cards work best with people who have already had significant life history and experience e.g. people in early middle age and older. The imagery of the 80-card deck facilitates the recovery of memories and dreams, and recalls the lessons of the past rather than predicting the future, often prompting introspection and revealing deep personal insights.


A typical spread draws three cards: one to represent the problem, one for the way through the problem, and the third as the outcome or solution to the problem. I will draw a fourth card for clarity if needed. 

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