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First, think about your question(s)...

You could start with a specific question in mind for your reading, e.g. "What would it be helpful to know about [the issue]?" but you can always just ask "What do the cards want to tell me today?" If the cards resonate with you, or seem positive, then great! If not, then you could ask "What is blocking me from being successful?" or "What might happen if I change my attitudes or behaviors to [the issue]?"

Each reading consists of an audio file (mp3) that you can play on your phone or computer, as well as a handout that gives a description of the particular spread you have chosen and a photograph of the cards in your spread. Note that each card can be upright or reversed, which may alter the meaning. If you have a specific question in mind, please write it in the text box when you book your reading. 

DESCRIPTIONS of Tarot Layouts


Celtic Cross Tarot Reading. One of the most popular spreads in the world. If you would like an in-depth answer to a single question choose this!

Relationship Tarot Reading. Interested in the details of a relationship? This reading provides a mind-body-spirit perspective on both parties, as well as a card for the relationship and where the relationship is heading. 

Life Review Tarot Reading. This spread looks at the influences of the recent past, the present, and how the near future might be if you continue on your current path. The final card provides a theme of the whole reading. 

Twelve Month Reading, An overview of each month for the coming year. Cards are drawn from the full deck each time so can appear in more than one month. 

LIVE TAROT READING, $40: via Zoom. Write your question(s) in the drop-down box below and I will email you to set up an appointment. 

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