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In over 40 years of reading Tarot cards I have done thousands of readings - in person and online. I also teach the Tarot. My detailed interpretations of each card take into account symbolism and reversals, as well as a Jungian archetypes perspective and mythical elements from the Hero's Journey.

I have collected many Tarot decks over the years but generally do readings with the Radiant (recolorized) Rider Waite deck because it is so well known.

To learn more about this I recommend listening to my "Walk With..." series of guided imagery recordings that help you learn the many meanings of each Tarot card in the Major Arcana. 

If this is your first adventure into tarot then welcome! I'm honored to be reading for you. For those who have had readings before, I enjoy doing complex readings with multiple cards and can create a customized reading to suit your needs. 

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