I have 40 years' experience reading cards and have done thousands of readings - in person, online, and long-distance. My detailed interpretations of each card take into account symbols, reversals, relative position, and connections to other cards. 

I started reading with an old-fashioned Marseille deck which I still have it although it is a bit battered now. I have collected many decks since then.  My current favorites are the Radiant Tarot, a recolorised version of the ever-popular Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, The Enchanted Tarot (Monte Farber and Amy Zerner), and the recently published Pagan Otherworld Tarot (Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham, UUSI). I also regularly read several other types of cards and you can request a reading using Symbolon Cards, Celtic Tree Cards (Liz and Colin Murray), or the Wisdom of the Oracle (Colette Baron Reid).

If this is your first adventure into tarot then I'm honored to be reading for you! For those who have had readings before, I enjoy doing complex readings with multiple cards and can create a customized reading to suit your needs. 

Claire Helena Colwell 

© 2020 by Claire Helena Colwell

A word to the wise... Tarot cards are great for encouraging introspection, and can help you make decisions or clarify issues you've been thinking about but if you have a serious matter on your mind, e.g. medical or legal, please seek the help of a licensed professional such as a physician, lawyer, psychotherapist or financial advisor.