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What can a Tarot reading tell me?

A simple, 3-card spread can give answers about how you might think, feel and behave regarding a particular issue. If the cards sound positive to you, then all is good. If you have a reading that you don't like, don't understand, or instantly want to reject, then perhaps you want to think deeper about the message, the symbols, or the feelings or emotions the message is triggering in your body. 

A spread with more cards can look at an issue in more detail. For instance, a Celtic Cross reading with 11 cards looks at your innermost thoughts about a situation, what is supporting you, possible obstacles, the basis of the situation, influences that are fading into the past, how you imagine things might go in the future, how they will actually go in the short term, how you should behave in order to get what you want, your environment, your hopes/fears, and the final outcome. Of course, final doesn't really mean final. We are capable of making many decisions that alter the path of our life, and in fact we do so frequently. I tend to look at Tarot as giving information about a certain phase... where we are now and perhaps a few months to a year down the road.

What do I get when I book a card reading?

You will receive a personal reading by me that directly addresses the question you provided. I will email you a written summary your reading. You will also receive a photograph of the cards in your spread and a handout that explains the position of each card in the spread. Reversed cards add another layer of meaning to each reading. Remote (long-distance) readings work very well, and I have done many of them over the years.

I'm a bit nervous about what you might tell me!

Sometimes people express their fears about having a card reading. They might say "Are you going to learn my deepest, darkest secrets?" or "Don't tell me if I'm going to die!" I have also had people ask if I can predict what lottery numbers they should play. I will respond by saying that card readings are simply guidance and do not say "this is going to happen!" or "that is going to happen!" Nor do they give details of predicted future events. If your reading resonates with you in a positive way, then that's great! If the cards say something you don't like, then think of them as suggestions that you might want to change your attitudes or behaviors around an issue in order to get the outcome you want. We often have more options than we realize in life, and tend to think only in absolute, "black or white" terms when we are worrying about something. 

How often should I have a reading? 

Have a reading whenever you genuinely wish to seek advice on an issue (I have some clients who have been consulting me for years). What you don't want to do is repeat a reading for the same question just because you weren't happy with the answer you received!

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