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"Kate has the skills of a therapist,  the knowledge of human nature that comes from a lifetime of experience as a healer, and the rigor of an academic.  She gives an amazingly helpful portrait of an individual's life situation and current challenges.  Her skill in working with Tarot cards in my experience is unparalleled. I have found her readings invaluable in navigating many of the complexities of my life. Aside from my own readings, I have seen other individuals gain profound insights of what needs to be addressed in their personal and professional lives. " ~ Peter, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Thanks so much for reading my cards! I find the Tarot reading you do very healing and beneficial. You have an amazing gift. I feel very energized and anticipatory this morning. That can only be good!"  ~Elizabeth, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


"Thanks so much for reading my cards. For some reason it calms me to have you read my cards and I seem to have less general anxiety. When I feel like my mind is scattered and all over the map it gives me clarity and focus to see my past, present and future laid out symmetrically on the table." ~ Dylan, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to do my reading. There were parts that were amazingly accurate. I can see that the way I am talking about things is kind of a stalling technique not to go deeper, but then I wonder why the same patterns happen over and over. Duh! It was very helpful."  ~Lisa, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I love, love it! It really crystallizes what I'm seeing and was really insightful. We all know these things, we just need better focus. Thank you so much for being so focused. You really have a talent!" ~KellyAnn, Massachusetts

"I'm emailing you to say how much I enjoyed your lovely presence as well as the reading." ~Jill  Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Thanks for the reading! You are so gifted! ~Linda, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Oh you are always soooo spot on! I feel like I am heading back on course and good things are waiting, if I can let go, especially of the past and the guilt. Thanks as always for your advice, it is good to have a sounding board. ~Simone, England

I think of you often... the tarot card reading stuff is wild and coming true. I will come for a follow-up :) ~Susan, Greenville, NC

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